Early Years

Benedict Fowler was born in Oxfordshire, UK in 1999 to his mother Teresa and Father Kevin. At the age of 4 years old, Ben’s father Kevin started a Natural Paving and Concrete Stone company, Pavestone UK Limited after years of working in concrete products sales and manufacturing. Kevin’s dream was to reach 1 million in sales at some point in his life which he achieved in year one. As Ben grew up and began to take interest in the business, his dad’s hard work, stress and tears inspired him to make his own way in business.

While growing up, most summer holidays were spent at Linear Fisheries, where his dad and the rest of his family would bring supplies down to his tent so he could keep fishing! Any other time was spent learning how to drive a forklift in the yard.


Ben undertook GCSEs at a non-private community college. He enjoyed school and socialising with his friends, but as a more hands-on student who enjoyed projects and coursework, he wasn’t so keen on sitting behind a desk or revising. He was also a classic ‘lastminute.com’ student. So, when it came to his final exams, he only gained 5 C grade GCSEs in IT, Business, English and Math and Science which were the subjects he enjoyed.

When Ben turned 16 and got himself a summer job at the family concrete products factory. He enjoyed learning and earning himself money, but his thoughts often turned to his future.

He started his first business in his spare time – tackletart.com, an online fishing tackle raffle company, long before the likes of the competition companies existed. This was sold to another company in the angling industry that later went bust but was one hell of an experience.

As Ben was a more hands-on learner, he decided an apprentice in business and people management was the right way to go rather than university. He has never been massive on going out for huge parties anyway and much prefers a good night down the pub.


At 17 Ben started full time in his dad’s firm which had a magnitude of jobs and placements over the year. From days meeting, greeting and selling to walk-in customers, to taking on new product projects, social media and content creation and answering telephones.

He was good at selling, good at pitching and good at generating new ideas. His first major project was to introduce a product called Pointfix, a paving jointing compound to the offering. After finding a manufacturing business, creating packaging, safety paperwork and testing, the product was bought to market and achieved the best gross margin of any product in the business. Pointfix is now one of the leading jointing compounds in the UK selling millions of tubs a year and is now manufactured fully in-house.

After messing around with websites when he was young, including the Tackle Tart site, Ben wanted to start an online Paving Store for the business, since everything was being sold to the trade. There was very little in the way of online stores for Paving Slabs in 2018 and it was a great time to launch another. Despite push back from Customers and the board of Directors Ben got the all clear and pushed forward with the project. After seeing a Sports Direct lorry get stuck out the front of the local pub and then Googling to see if the Domain PavingDirect.com was available, which it was! It was purchased there at the bar, and he could then push on!

Ben decided to push to have his friend Brad brought into the business. Brad had worked for an e-commerce store in angling and had a great knowledge of back-end systems and social media marketing. Together they worked hard to build and launch the website, which went live at the end of 2018. After a very slow and miserable few months, especially as we launched on the run up to winter (traditionally the worst time for people doing their gardens!) sales finally started to trickle in and the business began to gain traction and people. At its peak during lockdown in 2020 the business was doing some serious numbers as it was one of the only businesses open and with stock available!

In 2020 the worst happened, and Bens Father Kevin very suddenly Passed away at the age of 58.

Ben made the hard decision to sell the whole business and in February 2021 Ben came to an agreement with the Minority shareholders to sell the majority share back to the company. The business deal was the single most stressful and hardest thing to ever get through and put together, however it finally went through in October of 2021.

Now Ben would describe himself as a podcast host, entrepreneur and investor utilising his skills in business development and blue sky thinking.


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